SEMrush Local SEO Exam Answers 2023

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How Do You Know If You Need Local SEO?

  •         When you Google important keywords, the map pack is displayed.
  •         You have an online shop, and want to partner with the local storehouse.
  •         You often search for “pizza delivery” from your office.

 There’s No Difference In Ranking Factors Between Traditional And Local SEO, The Only Thing Difference Is The Signal Weights.

  •         True
  •         False

 Name The Solid Local Link Building Strategy:

  •        Event sponsorships
  •         Local meetups
  •         All of the listed
  •         Local bloggers
  •         Neighborhood watch sites

 The Most Important Content Tip From Greg Is:

  •         Read your content out loud.
  •         Keep it short and sweet.
  •         Make sure it’s not a duplicate.
  •         Include the cities you service.

 For Local SEO, Citations Are

  •         A foundational signal
  •         The most powerful ranking signal
  •         Links that point to your business

 The Ideal Review Score Is:

  •         4.5 to 4.8
  •         A perfect 5.0
  •         4.2 to 4.5
  •         4.8 to 5.0

 The Link Building Tool Allows You To Discover Whether An Acquired Backlink Was Indexed By Google. True Or False?

  •         False
  •         True

 You Should Reply To

  •         Only negative reviews
  •         Every single review
  •         Only positive reviews
  •         Only a few positive and a few negative

 Your Google My Business Listing Is

  •         Only important if you’re a service-area business
  •         Not as important as it used to be
  •         Not needed if you have a website
  •         Basically your new home page

 If You’re Using The Standard “What’s New?” Template, Google Posts Stay Live For

  •         One month
  •         7 days
  •         Forever
  •         24 hours

 You’re Allowed To Ask And Answer Your Own Questions In The GMB Questions And Answers Section.

  •         False
  •         True