SEMrush On Page And Technical SEO Certification Exam Answers 2022

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Log File Analyzer Allows You To Not Only Identify The Most Crawled Pages On A Website, But Also Eliminate Structural And Navigational Problems That Affect The Accessibility Of Certain Pages.

  •         True
  •         False

How Will You Benefit From Connecting Site Audit To Your Google Analytics Account? Choose 3 Answers. (Duplicate 2)

  •         Automatically import the landing pages that your website is ranking for
  •         Find pages on your website with no internal links pointing to them
  •         See the unique pageviews for each page in your audit to prioritize the work on         technical issues
  •         Find slow pages that take more than one second to become interactive
  •         Access all of the backend information for your website in one location
  •         Get an idea of where you need to improve a page and user experience

 Which Issues Regarding Using HTTPS Protocol Can Be Found In The Site Audit HTTPS Implementation Report? Choose 3 Answers:

  •         Mixed content issues
  •         Uncompressed files
  •         Links to your old HTTP version pages
  •         Non-secure pages with password fields
  •         Pages crawl depth

 Which Site Audit Chart Shows If Any Of Your Website’s Pages Are Broken, Have Redirects, Or Have Server-Side Errors?

  •         The Crawl Budget Waste bar chart
  •         The Incoming Internal Links bar chart
  •         The HTTP Status Code donut chart
  •         The Pages Crawl Depth donut chart

 Which Tool Helps To Define The Domains That Are Worth Trying To Acquire Backlinks From?

  •         SEO Content Template
  •         SEO Writing Assistant
  •         Content Audit

True Or False? To Get Ideas In On Page SEO Checker For How To Improve The User Experience You Have To Connect Google Analytics To Your Project.

  •         True
  •         False

 From Where Can You Import Pages And Keyword Data To On Page SEO Checker? Choose 3 Answers.

  •         Position Tracking
  •         Organic Traffic insights
  •         Google Search Console
  •         Organic Research

 What Is The Recommended Number Of On-Page Links In Order Not To Be Regarded As Spam Or Of Low Quality?

  •         Below 3000
  •         Between 3000 and 5000
  •         There are no recommendations on it

Fill In The Blanks. The ________________ Donut Chart Shows The Distribution Across Your Website’s Pages By The Number Of Clicks Away From The Homepage. It Is Recommended To Make Sure There Are No Pages With A Depth Of More Than ___ Clicks.

  •         Site Indexability, 4
  •         Pages Crawl Depth, 4
  •         Pages Crawl depth, 5
  •         Site Indexability, 5

True Or False? SEO Writing Assistant Has An Add-On For Google Docs And WordPress Plug-In Based On The SEO Content Template.

  •         True
  •         False