SEMrush PPC Automation Exam Answers 2023

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True Or False: The Only Ad Network With Automation Is Google Ads.

  •         True
  •         False

What Is The Difference Between Max Conversions And Target CPA?

  •         There is no difference.
  •         Target CPA guarantees a price per conversion, whereas Max Conversions does not.
  •         Max Conversions brings volume, whereas Target CPA focuses on keeping costs per conversion on target.

 If Conversion Data Is Not Quite Right, What Bidding Strategy Should You Use? Choose Two Options.

  •         Manual Bidding
  •         Smart bidding (Target CPA, Target ROAS, Max Conversions)
  •         Automated Bidding (Target Impression Share, Max Clicks, Enhanced CPC)

 Which Campaign Types Have Smart Campaign Variations? Choose Three Options.

  •         Video
  •         Display
  •         Gmail
  •         Search
  •         Shopping

 What’s The Difference Between A Responsive Search Ad (RSA) And A Dynamic Search Ad (DSA)?

  •         RSAs require human input for all fields, while DSAs only let you edit descriptions.
  •         There is no difference.
  •         RSAs change formats depending on the device, whereas DSAs don’t.

 How Do Learning Periods Impact Campaigns?

  •         They don’t – they are purely for account managers to test what works.
  •         They are 5-day periods where there shouldn’t be any changes to the campaign budgets/bidding strategies while the algorithm adjusts to your campaign.

 Which Is A Reasonable Reason To Opt For Automation?

  •         You don’t have time to work on creative.
  •         You are struggling to get conversion tracking to work correctly.
  •         You are under strict brand requirements.

 What’s A Reason To Opt Out Of Automation?

  •         You are under pressure to get lots of volume
  •         You are struggling to get conversion tracking to work correctly
  •         You don’t have time to work on creative

 What Are The Requirements For Smart Display Conversions?

  •         At least 50 display conversions or 100 search conversions in a 30-day period
  •         No conversion requirement
  •         15 conversions in a 30-day period

 Which Bidding Strategy Is NOT Eligible For Display Campaigns?

  •         Target Impression Share
  •         Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  •         Viewable Impressions
  •         Max Clicks
  •         Max Conversions
  •         Manual (with optional eCPC)
  •         Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)