SEMrush Competitor Analysis With SEMrush Certification Exam Answers 2023

Become SEMrush Competitor Analysis With SEMrush Certified in just 1 Hour!

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 How Many Competitors Can You Compare In The Audience Overlap Widget In The Traffic Analytics?

  •         5
  •         2
  •         3

 In The Top Pages Report, You Can Learn:

  •         Which pages are ranking in the top 5 organic placements on Google.
  •         Which pages are getting the lion’s share of traffic.
  •         Which pages are generating the most revenue for a competitor.

What Metrics Govern The Market Explorer Categories (Niche Player, Established Player, Game Changer, And Leaders)? Choose Two Answers.

  •         Traffic Growth
  •         Geographic Spread
  •         Traffic Volume
  •         Content Output
  •         Revenue

If You See An Established Player Has Neglected Facebook And Instagram As A Channel, What Does That Teach You?

  •         The channel must not be worth much since an existing giant isn’t bothering with it.
  •         The channel must be overly complicated and will require a lot of time and monetary investment to do well.
  •         The channel represents an opportunity to gain market share with limited resistance.

Which SEMrush Tool Can Help You To Benchmark Your Campaigns Against The Competition By Exploring Your Competitors’ Best-Performing Pages And finding Insights On Which Media Channels To Partner With?

  •         PPC Keyword tool
  •         Position Tracking
  •         Traffic Analytics

True Or False: With The Help Of The Keyword Gap Tool You Can Optimize Your Organic And Paid Search Efforts By Seeing Which Terms You And Your Competitor Are Ranking For.

  •         False
  •         True

What Can The Topic Research Tool Teach You About Your Competitors? Choose Two Answers.

  •         The frequency with which they produce the content on a given topic.
  •         Content they produce that has high and low search volume.
  •         The subtopics of a queried topic that they have and have not covered.

 If You Don’t Know Which Competitors To Focus On, Which SEMrush Tool Can Help You Get The Lay Of The Land?

  •         Brand Monitoring
  •         Market Explorer
  •         Traffic Analytics

True Or False: A Competitor With Low Audience Overlap Should Be Ignored.

  •         False: They might represent a partnership expansion opportunity or a future threat.
  •         True: They don’t interact with my people and I need to focus on defense.

 True Or False: In Order To Gain Competitor Insights On Social Campaigns, You Need To Connect Your Own Social Channels first.

  •         True
  •         False