SEMrush Link Building Test Certification Exam Answers 2023

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Which Widget In Backlink Analytics Shows You “Sponsored” And “UGC” Directives, Recently Introduced By Google?

  •         Categories of referring domains
  •         Link attributes
  •         Backlink types

With The Help Of Backlink Audit You Can Download A List Of Toxic Backlinks And Then Send It To The Google Disavow Tool. True Or False?

  •         True
  •         False

To Access The Most Current Data On Disavowed Backlinks You Should Integrate Backlink Audit With:

  •         Google Search Console
  •         Google Analytics
  •         Majestic

The Internal Link Distribution Chart In Site Audit Shows:

  •         distribution across your website’s pages by the number of clicks away from the homepage
  •         distribution of links across three groups of pages with different strengths based on their Internal LinkRank
  •         distribution of errors, warnings and notices on your website in terms of internal linking.

What Is The Optimal Click Depth Of A Page?

  •         Less than 4
  •         Depends on the page
  •         More than 4

Which Prospects Metric In The Link Building Tool Represents The Extent To Which A Certain Domain With A Link To Your Website Could Be Harmful To Your Website And Affect Your Ranking In Search Engines?

  •         Trust score
  •         Toxic rank
  •         Internal linkRank

The Link Building Tool Allows You To Discover Whether An Acquired Backlink Was Indexed By Google. True Or False?

  •         False
  •         True

Which Tool Helps You To Find Domains With A High Authority Score That Have Links To Your Competitor But Do Not Have Links To Your Website?

  •         Backlinks analytics
  •         Backlink Gap
  •         Backlink audit

True Or False? The Matches Column In The Backlink Gap Report Table Shows How Many Of The Analyzed Domains Have Gotten Their Links From A Certain Referring Domain.

  •         True
  •         False

Fill In The Blanks. In Backlink Audit, A Domain With A Link Is Considered Toxic With A Toxic Score Of ______, Potentially Toxic Are Those With A Score Of _______. You _______ To Review Them Manually Before Sending To Whitelist, To Remove Or To Disavow.

  •         60-100, 45-59, don’t need
  •         70-100, 50-69, don’t need
  •         70-100, 50-69, need
  •         60-100, 45-59, need