SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Certification Exam Answers 2022

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What Is The Approximate Number Of Google’s Ranking Factors?

  •         Over 1000
  •         Over 20
  •         Over 100
  •         Over 2000
  •         Over 200

 What Does PLA Stand For? (Duplicate 1)

  •         Personally Listed Ads
  •         Product Listing Ads
  •         Popular Links Analysis

 What Is The Name Of The URL Element That Is Present On Every Page Except The Homepage?

  •         Subdomain
  •         Slug
  •         TLD
  •         Protocol

 To Ensure The Highest Google Rankings, It Will Be Enough To Focus Your Efforts On Just Several Main Ranking Factors.

  •         False
  •         True

 What Is Sitemap.Xml?

  •         A site map intended for users, similar to a table of contents
  •         A file that is uploaded from Search Console to the root directory of a website to confirm the rights to this website
  •         A file with a list of a website’s URLs to be indexed

 What’s The Difference Between A 301 And A 302 Redirect?

  •         301 is used for a temporary page redirection, 302 for a permanent redirection
  •         301 is used for a page redirection block, 302 for a permanent redirection
  •         301 is used for a permanent page redirection, 302 for a temporary redirection
  •         301 is used for a temporary page redirection, 302 for a redirection block

 Microdata Markup Is An Automatic Method In Which Javascript Adds Schema Annotation Into The Head Of The Page.

  •         True
  •         False

 Which Of The Following Symbols Should You Use To Separate The Words In The Slug, According To Best Practice?

  •         Plusses
  •         Dots
  •         Hyphens
  •         Colons

 Fill In The Blanks: ______ Reviews Are The Source For Your Rating In The Knowledge Panel On Google, While Apple Maps Uses The Review Stars From ______ By Default.

  •         TripAdvisor, Foursquare
  •         Google, Facebook
  •         TripAdvisor, Facebook
  •         Google, Yelp

 Which Status Code Tells Us That The Server Is Currently Unable To Handle The Request (“Temporarily Unavailable” Error)?

  •         302 code
  •         404 code
  •         503 code
  •         200 code

 Which Keywords Are Best To Target?

  •         Those with higher volume and lower competition
  •         Those with higher volume and higher competition
  •         Those with lower volume and lower competition
  •         Those with lower volume and higher competition

 Which Factors Will Increase The Value Of A Link? Choose Two Answers.

  •         Links from PBNs
  •         High authority of the linking domain
  •         Relevant keywords in the anchor text
  •         A link with a ‘nofollow’ attribute in the comment section of a blog post

 When Using This Mobile Site Type, You’ve Got A Single Set Of Files With One Version Of Content, Which Is Shown To A User Regardless Of The Device They’re Using.

  •         Dynamic serving
  •         Separate domain
  •         Responsive design

 What Does AMP Stand For?

  •         Agile Main Page
  •         Advanced Mobile Performance
  •         Artificial Mobile Presentation
  •         Accelerated Mobile Pages

 What Is The Primary Difference Between Mobile Search Results And Desktop Search Results?

  •         There is no difference
  •         To ensure better user experience, you should have less content on your mobile website
  •         Nofollow backlinks count when it comes to mobile SEO
  •         More focus is made on local results

 Fill In The Blanks: ______ Is The Manual Method Where You Add In-Line Schema Annotations To The Corresponding HTML Page Elements. When You Use ______, Javascript Fires And Inserts The Markup Into The Head Of The Page.

  •, Microdata markup
  •         Microdata markup, JSON-LD
  •         JSON-LD, Microdata markup
  •         Microdata markup,
  •, JSON-LD

  What Are The Main Ways Of Improving Your Mobile Website’s User Experience? Choose Three Answers.

  •         Making sure your content is easily readable
  •         Adjusting your page elements to make them easy to click with fingertips
  •         Using a dynamic serving website to make it mobile-friendly
  •         Making your content shorter so users can explore your site faster
  •         Making sure your phone number is clickable

 What Are The Signals That Help Google See That Your Site Is Targeting A Specific Country? Choose Two Answers.

  •         You use the country’s ccTLD
  •         You use the “.com,” “.net,” or “.org” TLD
  •         A subfolder of your website contains the country’s name
  •         You use the country’s language in your hreflang directive in the header

Which Of The Listed Factors Are Important For Local SEO? Choose Three Answers.

  •         Mentions of your business name, address, and phone number
  •         Total number of backlinks from trusted websites
  •         Links from local websites
  •         Localized site content
  •         Follow/nofollow backlink property

 Which Of The Listed Items Does Search Console Allow You To Do? Choose Two Answers.

  •         Discover the traffic sources and track users by the sources
  •         Make sure that Google can crawl your website
  •         Discover which queries caused your site to appear in certain positions in search results
  •         Monitor and analyze your site’s audience behavior