A colleague sends you a link to a company that they think would be a good fit for services with your organization. You start looking at the company’s website, and you notice they meet a lot of the secondary criteria of the prospect fit matrix, but they aren’t capturing leads through their website and they don’t sell something that involves a considered purchase process. Based on the prospect fit matrix, is this company a good fit for an inbound retainer?

  • Both the primary and secondary criteria is important in determining prospect fit, and since the company meets the majority of these, it’s a good fit.
  • The primary criteria is the most important in determining prospect fit. Even though they meet some secondary criteria, it is unlikely to be a good fit.
  • The company already wants to work with you, and as long as a prospect meets at least one of the primary fit characteristics, they’re probably a good fit.
  • A prospect must meet all of the primary and secondary criteria to be considered a good fit.


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