SEMrush PPC Fundamentals Certification Exam Answers 2022

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How Do You Get Charged With PPC?

  •         You pay when a user clicks on your ad that leads to your website.
  •         You pay when ads are shown to a user.
  •         You pay when a user clicks on your ad that leads to your website and makes a purchase.

 Which Is Not True About Display Advertising?

  •         Your target audience for display advertising is not limited to the number of people looking for you on the web.
  •         Display traffic is both cheaper and more plentiful.
  •         It brings traffic with the strongest buyer’s intent.

 True Or False? An Effective PPC Strategy Should Consider The Ads Themselves; The Steps That Users Take On Your Website In Order To Convert To Clients Is Not A Part Of This Strategy.

  •         True
  •         False

 Which Part Of The Sales Funnel Has The Most Users?

  •         The middle
  •         The beginning
  •         Same number throughout
  •         The end

 Which Step In The Decision Making Funnel Do Most People Fit In.

  •         Action
  •         Awareness
  •         Desire
  •         Interest

 What Does Tracking Performance Down A Sales Funnel Enable You To Do? Choose 3 Answers.

  •         Know how much to pay per click
  •         Understand the cost for each of the conversions along the funnel.
  •         A/B test different ads for highest CTR
  •         A/B test different variations of stages along the funnel

 More Sales Copy Helps Sell To Users That Are:

  •         To both groups
  •         Higher up on the decision making funnel (first becoming aware)
  •         Lower on the decision making funnel (ready to take action and buy)

 How Do You Get More Meaningful Statistics Without Spending More Money? Choose 3 Correct Answers.

  •         Add keywords
  •         Limit your advertising to fewer products
  •         Target fewer keywords
  •         Focus on fewer users

With Search Advertising, What Are Advertisers Competing With Each Other For?

  •         Higher conversion rate
  •         Ad position
  •         Number of ad clicks

 Google Ads Hierarchy, From Largest To Smallest, Is:

  •         Campaign ->Account -> MCC -> Ad Group
  •         Account ->MCC -> Campaign -> Ad Group
  •         MCC -> Account -> Campaign -> Ad Group

 What Are Google Search Partners?

  •         Websites that aren’t Google properties, but have a search box which delivers Google’s search results
  •         Websites that belong to Google
  •         Advertising agencies that manage Google search campaigns

 The Negative Exact Keyword ‘-[Beach Chair]’ Will Exclude The Following Search Term:

  •         Beach chairs
  •         Best beach chairs
  •         Best beach chair
  •         Beach chair

Fill In The Blank: It Is Important To Take Into Consideration The Decision Making Funnel When Conducting Keyword Research So That You Focus On More Actionable Words That Will Help You Deliver A __________CTR With Google And ________ Better.

  •         Maximum, show up
  •         Higher, convert
  •         Lower, sell

 Which Two Statements Are Not True About Google Ads Keyword Planner?

  •         It helps forecast the search volume.
  •         It is only available in your current location.
  •         It gives keyword ideas.
  •         It is a not free tool.

 True Or False? A Feature That The SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Offers Which The AdWords Keyword Tool Lacks Is The Ability To List Attributes Along Side Roots.

  •         False
  •         True

 What Is The Primary Metric For Determining A Winning Ad?

  •         Clicks
  •         Lowest cost per click
  •         CTR
  •         Ad position

 What Does PLA Stand For? (Duplicate 2)

  •         Priority Listing Ad
  •         Paid Listing Ad
  •         Product Listing Ad

 True Or False? Uploading A CSV Of Your Data Feed From Your Computer Will Allow You To Set An Automated Schedule.

  •         True
  •         False

 Fill In The Blank. Display Advertising Allows You To Reach Users At The ___________ Stage Of The Decision Making Funnel.

  •         Interest
  •         Awareness
  •         Desire
  •         Action

 True Or False? Frequency Capping Sets Limits On How Many Times The Same Person Can See An Ad.

  •         True
  •         False

 How Many Ad Sizes Are There On The GDN?

  •         20
  •         10
  •         30
  •         25

 Which Example Of Display Targeting Is Not One That Targets Users By Content?

  •         Remarketing
  •         Contextual Targeting
  •         Targeting Topics
  •         Placement Targeting